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8 Ways to Become a Media Darling

What do Richard Branson, Warren Buffet, and Sheryl Sandberg all have in common? When they speak, the media listens. They’re thought leaders and generally looked upon favorably – and as a result, have become media “darlings.” But it didn’t happen overnight. Endearing yourself to the media takes time, along with careful strategizing and intentional actions. 

Follow these eight steps to get started on your journey to becoming respected, heard and reverberated out into the world as a media darling.

1. Begin with the End in Mind

If you want to build a solid reputation as a media darling, you’ll need to establish what you want your brand to represent. So, begin with the end in mind to chart your path. Take Sheryl Sandberg as an example. Sandberg radiates women’s career empowerment in everything she does, from TED talks to interviews, books and public awareness campaigns. Follow Sandberg’s lead and think about what kind of media darling you want to be. Once you decide, everything you do should reflect it – your website, your content and your media presence. 

2. Build a Personal Brand

With the end in mind, it’s time to start building your personal brand. How? By articulating who you are, what you do and how you do it with content marketing. Make educational and informative content to share on any and all media channels, such as your social accounts or website. Think both bite-sized (e.g. video clips, infographics) and long-form (e.g. white papers, blogs), providing content that can help reporters understand you, your expertise, and your industry better.  

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8 Tips for Creating Newsworthy Content



"Sorry, that's not news." Have you ever stumbled when a journalist tells you what you have to offer isn't newsworthy enough? You gulp. Here you are, with an exciting piece of news or scintillating insight, ready to strut your stuff, but they decide "it's not newsworthy" and don't give you a clue on what makes them tick. 

Well, we can't generalize for all media, but in our many years of working with hundreds, if not thousands of them, we have developed a good sense of the types of news and information that companies can create and package to pique the media's interest, earn their trust, and get written up in their news stories.

Here are 8 tips for creating newsworthy content:

1. Dazzle with Facts & Figures

Journalists love hard data. And that's a fact! Shining the spotlight on facts and figures, preferably with announcements about reports that shed light on industry trends, can entice a reporter to write about your organization as part of a larger trend story or even lead them to creating news just on your content. Survey data works great. When ACUHO-I's Annual State of ResNet Report was published earlier this year, media outlets picked up the story based on the strength of the numbers and infographic provided. One outlet, Campus Technology, even used the report in not one, but two articles, drawing from various newsy aspects of the report to cover multiple angles.

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