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Beyond Borders: 6 Success Stories Integrating Cultural Diversity in PR & Marketing

In today's interconnected world, celebrating diversity isn't just a moral imperative – it's also a smart business strategy. Companies that embrace and promote inclusive marketing can broaden their prospective customer base to consumers from all walks of life. As AAPI Month comes to a close, let’s reflect on six standout campaigns that exemplify cultural diversity in PR and marketing: 

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8 Reasons Why Asian Companies Should Consider U.S. PR - Asian Entreprenuer

The Year of the Yang Red Monkey heralds a year of adventure and discovery, a time for new beginnings and for forging ahead. Are you an Asian company with your eyes and heart set on expanding in the U.S. market this year? On top of the 99 things to do, are your advisors also nudging you to launch a public relations program to bolster your company’s US presence?

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