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5 Ways to Build Reputation

Build your reputation

What separates the haves from the have-nots in the business world? The simple answer is "reputation," an intangible that fortunately isn't unattainable. Chances are you already have most of the components to build your company's identity and reputation. One thing is for sure, no matter how good your product or service, you don't stand a chance in the business world without a solid reputation.

Here Are Five Ways To Build Reputation:

1. Know Thyself

Laser-focus on the niche that gives your company its competitive advantage. Knowing where you stand in the competitive landscape is the first step to developing your company's key messages and a larger strategy for building your company's identity and reputation.

2. Know Your Customers

Don't just know them, love them! Extreme customer care, attention and follow-up deepen their trust in you. Monitoring social media to interact with your customers pulls down the barrier between you and your customers. It generates more repeat business, more testimonials and referrals, and eventually cements your credibility and reputation.

3. Celebrate Success in the Media

Just won a big contract? Promoted a vice president? Carved out an industry niche and established thought leadership validated by analysts? It's time to celebrate, not just among colleagues, but announce it to the media and your customers! Your company's accomplishments chronicled over time in newspapers, magazines, and your various social media channels build an undeniable track record and an enviable persona for all to see.

4. Create a Corporate Culture

Every employee that walks through your front door is a walking billboard, a company "ambassador." Treat them well, and foster a nurturing and high quality work environment. Ultimately, their collective attitudes and job performances will make or break your company.

5. Give Back, Give Back

The mark of a truly reputable, successful company is one who not just rakes in the profits, but one who makes a positive impact on the larger community it serves. Successful companies participate in noble causes, bringing smiles to their larger communities, and building positive impressions that ripple and last.

A solid reputation can give your business a leg-up in your industry. Click below for a free consultation session on building your reputation.

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