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5 Signs that PR is Meant for You

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A wise old woman once said, "There is more to life then meets the eye, including the success of your business. If fame and fortune are what you seek, then perhaps it would be wise to look to the lunar calendar."

Before you consult your friendly neighborhood fengshui master, the answers to a prosperous year may be found in the Chinese zodiac animals of public relations.

Here are five signs that PR is meant for you:

1. When You're Out & About, But Nobody Knows You

Industry trade shows are high-powered affairs where major players are conveniently located under one roof. So you mingle with a mission. But without any buzz about your company, you will most likely be dismissed with the networking kiss of death. "Oh...hum...what's the name of your company again?" These words strike you in the heart as your potential client nods, smiles, and walks away. If you are crying inside because you were branded a "nobody" among your peers, this, my friend, is a sign. Our zodiac advisor says it's time to summon the PR DOG, the best friend of man as well as the best friend of business.

2. When Undeserving Competitors Have Too Much Press Coverage

Your competitor is the apple of the media's eye. They are reaping massive fortunes for a mediocre product and you are scraping by with an extraordinary one. What's wrong with this picture? If you find your eyes glowing green with envy while you shiver in the cold shadow of your competitor's bland product, then this, my friend, is a sign. The zodiac advisor says, summon the PR MONKEY. Like a monkey swinging in the vines to go where he pleases, PR will swing you into the spotlight you need and deserve.

3. When You Have a Great Story But Don't Know Where To Start

Once upon a time, there was a great company in a land not too far away. They had a great product -- highly effective and beautifully designed. But nobody knew about it. It remained locked in the dungeon of R&D, never to be rescued. Meanwhile, all the customers in the land sought after the bland product of the company in the tower next door. If you are about to label this story a tragedy and close it with "The End", then this, my friend, is a sign. The zodiac advisor says, summon the PR ROOSTER. As the rooster awakens the sleepy at dawn, PR will awaken your customers to take notice and buy.

4. When You Have a Bare Bones Marketing Budget

"Alms, alms, alms for the poor!" Okay, okay, so you are not exactly begging with a tin cup outside your CEO's door, but you get the idea. As the humble marketing exec, the problem is clear. The price tag of a print or TV commercial is high and the number typed next to "total budget" is low. Nevertheless, regardless of the math, you've got to sell your product or service. If you're trying to make the most of a limited budget, then this, my friend, is a sign. The zodiac advisor says, summon the PR HORSE. As the horse gallops to the forefront, PR helps boost industry mind share and market share at a fraction of the price of advertising.

5. When Your Cold Calls are Frozen Out

"Hello" and "Goodbye" make a beautiful phone pitch. However, if those two words sum up your entire phone call, then it's no wonder you're feeling that chilly draft. No one ever said that cold calling would be easy, but maybe it's not your voice that is turning people off. Perhaps, it is the anonymity of your company. If potential customers associate your company with those annoying telemarketers rather than the fabulous company that you are, then this, my friend, is a sign. The zodiac advisor says, summon the PR DRAGON. As the dragon breathes fire at all who crosses its path, PR will defrost even the most difficult customers as it places you on the industry "A" list.

So light your candles, burn your incense, shake your magic eight ball and concentrate. Look at your company and look at the signs. The planets have come into perfect alignment with the stars and it may be apparent that you need to call upon the dog, monkey, rooster, horse, and dragon elements of PR to help you succeed!

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