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5 Messages Every Company Needs

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Still searching for "the one"? For that perfect message, that is. Every company desires messaging that clicks with their customers and resonates loudly in the minds of prospective buyers and media. But creating the right perceptions isn't about having a single message. It’s about matching the correct messages, to the right types of audiences, at the right time.The secret to fantastic messaging is found in developing 5 key messages:

Here are five messages every company needs:

1. Corporate - Expressing Your Collective Wisdom

Your company’s reputation rests upon your corporate messages. Having solid corporate messages validates and communicates the integrity and expertise of your executive team, and a company’s approach to the market for the outside world. It is also a vital way to articulate a company’s vision for the future. Public relations professionals can help position your management as visionaries in their field. Strong corporate messages inspire confidence and prompt prospective buyers to do business with you. Strong messages are particularly important for startups, companies looking to sell or working toward an IPO.

2. Product - Standing Apart from the Rest

When clarifying the benefits of your product to the market, developing the right messages is crucial. It is even more important, however, in helping to differentiate your product from the competition. Your marketing/PR team can help educate your prospective buyers and customers, as well as the media and analysts on your special niche, and help them understand where you fit within the competitive landscape. Sometimes this can be as simple as clarifying your product terminology. When introducing a new product in an unknown market segment, lean on marketing/PR to help you reach the right targets at the right time, and with the right product messages.

3. Customers - Your Greatest Source of Credibility

Customer information opens the door to increased media coverage. Your customer is a golden third party endorsement that lends credibiity to your company, products and services. However, getting a customer’s approval to speak with prospects, analysts or the media is not always a simple or straightforward task. Customer PR programs often involve invaluable counsel and analysis to determine the level of prospective buyer interactions or media participation your customer is agreeable to - testimonial, press release mention, media interview, case study participation and more.

4. Partners - You Build Me Up

Partners are another valuable resource and can enhance your credibility and visibility in new markets. High-profile partner companies further accelerate your firm’s ability to gain expanded media coverage. Carefully constructed partner messages are integral to the health of partner relationships. Whether you will be sharing a booth at a tradeshow, co-presenting on a speaker panel or working on a major announcement, your PR team can help you develop the messages surrounding the partnership to ensure your success.

5. Service - I Like the Way You Do What You Do

Defining clear, concise messages that tell your market “how” your product or service is offered, delivered or supported will help articulate your business approach in a thorough way. Particularly if your product is a service, an agency can help highlight a unique business benefit or revenue model, and clearly articulate your services to the right audience. 

When you recognize that your company “profile” is multi-faceted and not based on a single message, you take one step closer towards realizing your brilliance among prospective customers, and also the media spotlight!  

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