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Who Should Keep An Eye On Social Media?

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In our last post, we talked about why social media monitoring is so important for generating leads for your business. Today, we'll go over which groups should monitor your company's channels and how they benefit.

At first glance, social media monitoring appears to fall solely on the shoulders of the marketing department. It's all about maintaining your business's brand and pulling in new leads, right?

Well, keeping an eye on your social media channels does make it easier to do both of those things, but it can also help the sales and support teams, and senior executives. Here are the reasons social media monitoring is vital to all of these groups:

1. Marketing - The First Impression

It is undeniable that marketing and public relations take the biggest role in social media. They are the ones responsible for all of the little details that make up a brand's presence on social media channels, so keeping an eye on how those details perform is a given. Beyond brand image, analytics from social media monitoring can give marketing teams valuable information for future campaigns and a heads up on conversations around trends that are core to your brand.

2. Sales - It's All About Social Selling

With social media becoming more prevalent in daily life, a new type of sales has appeared -- social selling. By incorporating social media into their process, 72.6% of salespeople outperformed their colleagues. Social selling works through researching, connecting, and interacting with prospects on social media networks. Monitoring your company channels and connecting via these channels create relationships with buyers by showing that the salesperson takes an interest in what they're interested in.

3. Support - Reaching People Where They Live

Twitter has become the new phone for millennial customer support. Customers now voice their issues directly and indirectly online. Having the support team keep tabs on company mentions lets them respond quickly to any issues that may arise. It also allows them to control and sculpt conversations to the company's benefit. Social media can be a fire hose of information, critiques and compliments rushing all out at once, and its up to the support department to manage the stream.

4. Executives - The Face of The Company

There is a growing expectation for company leaders to be visible and accessible on social media. While social media may feel optional today, it won't be in a few years. According to a new study released by BRANDfog, just by being on a social network, CEOs can strengthen brands, build trust, demonstrate brand values, and communicate accountability. Monitoring the company's channels also gives executives an unfiltered news source that allows you to see what is being said about your brand in real time.

Monitoring your social media is an important practice for many departments. Learn how to monitor all of your channels in 10 minutes a day with SKC's latest ebook.

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