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Want to Connect with Millennials and Gen Z? 4 Dos and 1 Don’t


Don’t let your marketing be mid. Don’t speak Gen Z? Let us help! To translate: don’t let your PR and marketing suffer from holding onto outdated strategies. Having grown up online, Gen Z and Millennials sometimes sound like they have an entirely different language. Companies are striving to figure out how to market and sell to this generation, especially as their spending habits differ drastically from the previous generations. 

Finding out how to appeal to Gen Z require new perspectives. The way the marketing world has been targeting consumers for the last two generations will not work with this one. Their beliefs and values differ greatly, and they’re willing to stop buying to force change. If we want to sell to millennials and Gen Z, we will have to adapt. Here are four essential marketing "dos" and one important "don't" that will help build loyalty among a younger consumer base. 

1. Do Focus on Authenticity!

Millennials and Gen Z can spot promotions and sponsorships from a mile away. They value the “why” over the “what.” They want to feel good about interacting with you, so they want to know why your company does what it does. The trick is to focus less on selling to them and more on how you can help them. For example, instead of an ad spot or press release explaining product details, try a pop-up experience relevant to your brand. And make sure to have a social media strategy to support it and increase visibility.

2. Do Stay Adaptive

Improv is your friend! The online world can change in an instant and the younger generations are early adopters of new technologies and trends. Case in point: Threads. This virtual sensation has quickly become the talk of the town, gaining 30 million followers in 24 hours and storming the online world in just a matter of days. The platforms that your target audience live on change their algorithms regularly, so what was acceptable one week might tank your numbers the next! Being adaptable allows you to pivot your strategies and allocate resources accordingly to meet millennials' and Gen Z's evolving preferences. Social listening is critical and a social media strategy that ensures you get your message across correctly is imperative.   

3. Do Put Mobile First

When have we ever seen a Millennial or Gen Zer without a mobile device? Companies who prioritize mobile to connect with a younger demographic have much to gain.  There’s a direct connect between mobile experiences and customers’ perceptions of a brand.  With mobile, it’s easier than ever to engage with them in real-time and leverage tactics like influencer campaigns and user-generated content. Let’s put mobile first!

4. Do Learn their language

Demographics may evolve, but the need to understand your audience will constantly drive great marketing. Immerse yourself in their language. It’s difficult to convey tone with just text and no body language or vocal nuance, so Millennials and Gen Z created new rules to add tone into text conversations. Unless you understand this new language you could give the wrong impression by accident. For example, let’s take the use of ellipses. Gen X and Boomers might see “...” as a simple pause, but to younger generations, it’s the equivalent of passive-aggressively rolling your eyes! And modify your content to speak their language and they can easily understand it.

5. Don't Treat them like Children

The worst thing you can possibly do with millennials and Gen Z is treat them like children, talk down to them, or make them feel disrespected. Millennials are in their 40’s. The oldest Gen Z has been in the workforce for almost a decade. They’ve seen multiple economic downturns, natural disasters, national tragedies, international upheaval, and a global pandemic. Any wonder they’re tired of being treated as if their biggest concern is avocado toast. They are well-informed, socially aware, and actively involved in shaping the world around them. Companies that recognize that and engage them as partners can, and will, forge stronger connections and tap into their collective power. So, put your brand in their hands and create unique TikTok, Snap and Instagrammable opportunities. Work with influencers, ditch the script and let their creativity speak organically. 

Ready to tackle the dynamic younger generations? Remember, they are not just another demographic to check off your list. Understanding their preferences, motivations, and unique characteristics is crucial for successful engagement. Want to reach Millennials and Gen Z? SKC’s team of experts are happy to be a sounding board. Click on button below to schedule a complimentary consultation with us!

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