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Should You Have a Newsletter? 3 Ways it Can Grow Your Business

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With new forms of media appearing every day, it’s easy to forget tried and true methods of getting your story out. The company newsletter survived the transition from mailbox to inbox and continues to attract new customers while making current customers feel valued. Compared to social media, which can be done in as little as 10 minutes a day, a good newsletter requires time and effort.

A PR partner can put together the juiciest bits of information and services like HubSpot, MailChip and ConstantContact can make a newsletter easier to distribute. But even with all the support, you might ask why a newsletter is necessary?

Here are three reasons why a company newsletter is a valuable tool for your business:

1. Constant Communication Creates Credibility

Actions speak louder than words, so combining them communicates a powerful message. No matter how frequently you send it, bi-weekly or monthly, a newsletter that sticks to a schedule shows that your company is reliable. When you say you're going to do it, you do it. Customers and clients will remember that mindset when they do business with you. A newsletter also keeps your business at the front of your audience’s mind. That little email that pops up reminds them that you and your business are always there when needed.

2. Give Your Marketing & Website Wings

Your newsletter sitting in their inbox is like your foot in the door. It is an opportunity to showcase your knowledge and connect your reader to the ins and outs of your business. Use this time to share industry leadership and insights, highlight your achievements and show off all the great content from your website and blog posts. In a newsletter, you are no longer competing with your reader’s social media feed and all those links back to your website will boost your visit stats! Another plus, the shareability of a newsletter also grows your email list.

3. Added Value Boosts Brand & Sales Leads

Everyone loves a chance to chill a bit. When you give your audience free information that they did not have to search for, you give them that chance. Readers appreciate that you took that extra time to reach out and make sure that they have content that is relevant to them. That appreciation shows up as more leads and referrals because your customers know that you not only know your business, you care about who you do business with.


A good newsletter not only informs the reader, it connects with them. While quality takes time, a PR and digital marketing partner can speed up and refine your newsletter, so you can reap the benefits of increased customer satisfaction. Click below to find out how SKC can help you develop a newsletter that is worthy of your business.

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