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Going to CES? 5 Tips to Grab the Media Spotlight

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Tradeshows are like marathons. They aren't for the faint of heart. The biggest ones, like CES, run for six days and are packed with early mornings, late dinners, bustling business exchanges, and constant industry buzz. Tradeshows are also popular, albeit noisy, forums for promoting your company, your successes, and your messages. But how can you make sure that your company is not swallowed up by the sea of vendors vying for mindshare and media attention?

Here are 5 ways to grab the CES media spotlight:

1. Be Prepared

While CES 2020 is almost upon us, there’s still time to uncover media opportunities -- from inclusion in tradeshow dailies to exclusive invitations to media events. Do your research on the myriad media and award opportunities for the show. Get your releases ready now so they can be pitched in advance. And now is the time to enlist the expertise of PR pros to refresh your message, update your media kits, and get your executives interview-ready.

2. Be Resourceful

Good news, bad news, reporters love being the first to know. Working with the show's media coordinator, your PR team can get a hold of media and analysts who have rsvp'ed, cherry-pick the most relevant contacts, and get the ball rolling by securing appointments in advance. Events like Pepcom Digital Experience! and CES Unveiled, where only the media gather, happen before the official start of major tradeshows and are a great way to catch the attention of journalists before the crush of the exhibit hall. We've helped several clients leverage pre-CES media events and ignited media interest that resulted in positive coverage in USA TodayThe VergeCNET and more.

3. Be Helpful

Reporters have a job to do. They are seeking compelling news, companies to watch, and evidence of industry trends. Are you a leader in your industry or a newcomer? Will you be launching a new product or service? Do you have a customer success story to share? Because reporters are time-deprived, your meeting should be to-the-point, yet educational and tie to industry trends and issues. Your PR team can suggest story ideas that can also be included in your press kits.

4. Be Focused

So many prospects, so little time. Just as you need to stay focused on business development and client relations, your PR counsel can be on the show floor juggling media meetings and cultivating and scheduling ad-hoc interviews. Your on-the-ground PR support can also walk the floor and scoop up competitive intelligence. Trust your PR team to support you while you focus on converting prospects into customers.

5. After the Confetti Settles... Be Proactive

The show is over and you’re exhausted. But, PR efforts don’t end with the close of CES. Your PR team will spend the next few weeks following-up with reporters, particularly those you’ve met. They will also track down reporters who weren't at CES and pursue coverage with those who are relevant, providing updates and show highlights that are guaranteed to put you in the media spotlight.


CES is filled with unexpected opportunities, so smart PR can make the most of it. We’d love to help you pull together a great show, so, click below to schedule a complimentary consultation session.


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