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Building Your Own Lead Generation Machine

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Generating high quality, and quantity, leads is crucial to any marketing campaign. Successful lead generation keeps sales brimming with new prospects and hardly requires any effort once put in motion. But as with any machine, getting the gears started requires some old-fashioned elbow grease.

Setting up your own lead generation systems requires focus on five areas:

1. Fuel Your Machine With Great Content Offers

Content offers can be anything from ebooks, white papers, a free trial, or a coupon. The key is in crafting content that is valuable for your visitors, something that they would be willing to provide their information for. They need to feel that the value of your offer is greater than what you're asking for in return. And don't be afraid to experiment with webinars, events, or podcasts.


2. Create Compelling Calls-to-Action

Calls-to-Actions, or CTAs, are the secret to drawing in your visitors. An effective CTA draws the eye and persuades people to click. Design your CTA to stand out from the background of your website, perhaps in a contrasting color, and be as clear as possible. Let them know exactly why they should click with a bold statement. CTAs can be placed on product pages, display ads, emails, social media, and pretty much anywhere you feel like marketing your offer.


3. Gear Up Your Landing Page

Landing pages are one of the key elements of lead generation. According to MarketingSherpa's research, dedicated landing pages are effective for 94% of B2B and B2C companies. They direct your visitors to a particular offer without worrying that they'll be distracted by everything else on your website. By removing navigation links and focusing on your offer, landing pages are tailored to appeal to visitors and entices them to submit their information for your content.


4. Collect Valuable Information With Forms

Now that your visitors have made their way to your landing page, it is time to close the deal. They will receive your tantalizing content, and you will get your new lead's contact information. The form is how you collect that important information. Your form can be as long or as short as you like but at the very least, be sure to collect names and emails. Forms also come in handy when visitors want to sign up for webinars or subscribe to your blog.


5. Spread The Word Through Different Channels

While technically not part of your content offer, other marketing/public relations channels can maximize your lead generation efforts. Leveraging your website, social media platforms and public relations programs can create more pathways for new visitors to reach you. By using these channels to put yourself in the public eye, it becomes easier for buyers to research, evaluate, and buy your product or service in ways that resonate with them. Public relations, for instance, have the power to positively influence the media to earn news stories, product reviews and awards, which draws more visitors to your site, further building your reputation and making your offers more enticing.


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