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Reel Them In: 8 Tips to Draw Crowds to Your Event Booth

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With Covid-19 regulations easing up in the US, large-scale events and convention centers are back in action. Whether in-person or hybrid, trade shows, and conferences are great networking opportunities for companies to promote their brands and products. With thousands of attendees, most of whom are eager to see, look, feel, and experience, these events put you in touch with a plethora of potential customers, partners, and even investors. 

These conferences are a perfect way to showcase your product in the best light possible to a critical mass of like-minded people. With hundreds of companies fighting for the attention of the attendees, however, you must find a way to make your booth stand out from the rest. This can be with banners, offers of demonstrations, or even just photo opportunities. 

Here are 8 easy tips and tricks we found to help your booth stand out from the crowd.

1. Influence the Influencers and Media. One of the best ways to get the attention of attendees is to leverage big names. You can pique social media influencers and media interest with demo offers, one-on-one interviews, or even hands-on interactions with products. And if you can offer them sneak peeks before the event, and get their attention and coverage, they can then fan more interest from all their followers and drive buzz and more visits to your booth!

2. Gift Giveaways. Everyone loves contests and prizes, no matter what it is. Holding promotional giveaways not only helps spread the word about your products but also entices people to get involved with your booth to win. Everyone loves a winner!

3. Make the Media your VIP. Everyone knows the media is a big part of getting the word of your products out there. By directly interacting with the attendees that have Media Badges, you have an opportunity to be proactive. Treating them like a VIP can attract other media to your booth and further spread the word. The more media presence, the better for your brand!

4. Host Interactive games. Games get people interacting with you and your products. Keeping people entertained will keep them around longer and will help them remember your booth. Things like Pachinko games and Prize Wheels will also help you stand out, especially with freebies to win.

5. Feed them! Surveys have shown that conference attendees can spend an average of eight hours wandering through the countless booths. Wandering through a big event often leaves people hungry. Serving snacks and drinks can get the hungry convention goers’ attention, as well as encourage them to spend time at your booth.

6. Dress for Success. Dressing for the part will always get attention. Being overly casual can get you mistaken for just another convention attendee, so you want to look like you mean business! This can include dressing up in business wear such as skirts or dress shirts, or even having clothing with your brand’s name on it. Being dressed appropriately will make you stand out from just another attendee, possibly even from other competitors. Dress for Success!

7. Have swag to spread the word. Everybody loves freebies! Having good quality swag with your brand name, like tote bags and pens, will help people remember you and your product. It also works as free advertising for your brand. The more you have, the more your brand will get shown around the convention center!

8. Offer free Wi-Fi, or a phone charging station. With phones replacing most cameras and being the main hub for social media, they’ve become a major outlet in spreading the word at events. This means constant use and offering free WiFi or a space for attendees to charge their phones will keep people coming back and encourage interaction.

Conference season is in full swing. In-person and hybrid events are popping up everywhere, and with so many brands looking for attention, let’s help you rise above the noise. Planning an event and looking for more tips and support? Schedule a complimentary consultation with our team:

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