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5 Ways to Make News When There is No News

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In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue. Then in 2017, you and your crew set sail in search of buried gold to stake a claim on your industry’s uncharted territory. But alas mate, you find yourselves in the dreaded doldrums - where the calm sea of no publicity lies. If only a current of public recognition would carry you away, then you are this much closer to Treasure Island.
Well Captain, your crew awaits your instructions, so what should you do before there is mutiny on the bounty? It’s time to bring in the PR oars of salvation and start rowing your ship to the promised land.

Here are five ways to make news when there is no news:

1. Make a Splash with CEO Profiles

O Captain, my Captain, you are the high commander of your vessel and faithful crew. No ship is fit to set sail without a fearless leader… and you are such a captain. The key however is to prove that not only are you the leader of your ship, but also a leader in your industry. By reaching out to influential media and securing a profile story on you, PR can raise your visibility and authority within your industry and beyond. PR can build on your legendary CEO profile to engage in consistent media coverage when new company developments abound.


2. Turn the Tide with Contributed Articles

For any successful sailing endeavors through the open seas, you need a brilliant and able crew aboard your ship, led by a top-notch Captain. With so much talent and skills billowing from your decks, why not show all it off?

You or your PR team can write a thought-provoking contributed article and secure placement in leading industry publications. The article will build your credibility as an industry expert and authority. Soon, customers and partners will come knocking on your doors, seeking your expert advice!


3. Ride the Wave to Fame by Responding to News

As you are rowing yourself to shore, you and your crew happen upon the remains of an unfortunate hurricane attack. With courage and brilliance, the crew not only saves the survivors but also the cute dolphins in one fell swoop. Responding to news and situations that arise in your industry in a timely and tasteful manner can win you much needed respect. By acting quickly, you become a shaper of news and industry trends, even when you are just a witness and not the savior. With PR rowing alongside your crew, your ship becomes a shining example of valiance, worth more than random media hype’s weight in gold.


4. Fan your Sails with Case Studies

Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of rum. Rum? How can you drink rum in a time like this? Rum is for drowning your sorrows only if you have nothing to show off. But every sailor has a whale of a tale to tell, of his or her adventures on the high seas. How could you possibly cry when you have the makings of great case studies not updated and buried somewhere on the company’s server? Case studies are your company’s prime showcase piece of your successes. PR can help you update your old case studies to become gold stars.


5. Your Awards, Your Boon

Remember that 100-pound tuna you caught off the Port of Your Industry with a single fishing rod and your bare hands? Instead of just posting a photo nailed to the wall of the Captain’s quarters, it’s time to shout and publicize your achievements and gain the award recognition you deserve. Big Fishes are the awards and recognitions that give your company bragging rights, so don’t let them swim away.


Can you see it in the horizon now? As your S.O.S. summons a PR search-and-rescue team, the wind has started to ruffle your sails and you are ready to go. Start your oars and row, row, row your boat to the beat of the publicity drum. Welcome aboard, ladies and gents, we are heading past these dark waters through the ocean of media glory.

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