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5 Types of News to Consider When Writing a Press Release


While we live in a new world with a plethora of arrows in the PR quiver, the press release is still an important foundational tool to master and leverage. It is a shout-out to the world and helps draw the spotlight to your company and its stellar progress. Keep these five types of news in mind, and you’ll be creating a steady drum roll of good news to catch the media's interest as well as build confidence amongst stakeholders such as investors, partners, customers and more.

Here are 5 types of news to consider when writing a press release:


1. Company News - Strategic Developments

Any major company infrastructural change deserves an announcement. Your customers, potential investors, and industry media want to be kept in the loop, and are waiting for information on significant developments that may affect their work, projects, or daily life. New senior personnel hires, mergers and acquisitions, award wins, and large investments all are important events that can be publicized via a press release.

2. Customer News

Snagged a big deal? Reel in the praises and announce your new client. If your company is gaining traction, publicizing your progress will pull you even farther ahead of the rest. Gaining the approval from important customers to announce your deals can be tricky, but the resulting strengthened credibility and newsworthiness to journalists is worth the work to persuade them. Everyone will want to take a ride on your wave of success!

3. New Products or Services

New products, upgrades and improvements should all be broadcasted with vim and vigor. It is important to keep your customers aware of any advancement in your products or services so that they can benefit from your hard work. More credible than advertisements, and far less harassing, press releases inform the media of your advances so that they can, in turn, inform readers and potential clients.

4. Partner News

You know you’re on the track to success when a leading company asks to be your partner. Say it loud, say it proud - you are popular. Partner news show that your products or services are a hit, and that everyone wants to use them. Writing and distributing a press release will provide you with more exposure and more opportunities to gain customers, investments, and new partners to build your reputation.

5. Industry News

Act as an expert in your field by responding to the environment around you. If you are an educational technology company, you may want to leverage recent back-to-school stories by distributing a press release containing advice on how school administrators can smoothly welcome students back on campus. As an authority in your field, you will be considered an established source of information as well as a leading industry player. This will boost your reputation and create a durable image in the minds of your customers. 

The press release is just one way to make an announcement offcial. It's up to you to customize, "pre-pitch" the media and follow up with your stakeholders. Are you pondering if your news is worth writing a release for? Now you have a “litmus” test! 


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