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5 tips to overcome your fear of the media

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Let's face it... few of us are truly comfortable in the spotlight. 

This is especially true when we come face-to-face with the media. When the camera rolls, we put on our most valiant voice, and pray secretly that we're not misquoted, misrepresented, misunderstood, or even ridiculed. Are those knees shaking? Is your heart racing? Fear no more, it's time to quash the nerves and embrace the spotlight!

Here are five tips to overcome your fear of the media:

1. Get Trained, For All the World's a Stage

When you are on stage or in front of a reporter, you have access to an almost limitless audience. This can seem unnerving, but it is your chance to draw the curtains and tell your story to the world. Strengthen your repertoire and ramp up your confidence level with media training. Whether you are a CEO, company executive or manager, media traning can sharpen your communication skills, and dramatically influence your ability to persuade others in a calm and confident manner.

2. Do Your Homework

Good interviews, just like good articles, begin with homework. Do your due diligence and dazzle the reporter with your familiarity of their style, background and story approach. Rely on your PR team to play Sherlock Holmes to secure the information. Your PR team can clue you in with briefing notes to ensure that you and the media emerge winners. They get their story, and so do you.

3. Expect the Expected

You may already know the drill. Reporters ask about revenue, market size, and your competition. Your PR team can probe for advance questions and story angles so that you are prepared with answers and information. Providing key industry trends, as well as statistics and anecdotes will earn you their respect and build your credibility during the interview.

4. Stay on Track

There are times when a reporter's interest may wander, or the questions don't allow you to fully articulate your company's position. One of the best ways to prevent having your words quoted out of context is to own your message. Your message is more likely to resonate when it is succinct and peppered with a smattering of sound bites, facts, figures and real world stories.

5. Keep Thy Distance

There is a precarious balance between being at ease and revealing too much information during an interview. You may have bonded with the reporter, but keep your chumminess in check. Stay alert as to how and what you disclose, whether it be product details, customer stories, or your personal opinion about your competitors. Reporters are clever and can sometimes whittle out valuable nuggets of confidential material when you get too comfortable. Rely on your RP partner to act as a buffer for you during interviews. Remember, everything is on the record. Alas, heed these tips, and say good bye to trembling knees!

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