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5 Strengths of Small PR and Marketing Agencies

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Small, medium or large? The real world presents us with an endless array of choices—from the clothes we wear to the size of our computers and sound systems. In a world of shrinking gadgets where nanotechnology reigns supreme, we've learned that big is not necessarily better. In the world of public relations and digital marketing, we've learned that small is often better!

Here are 5 Strengths of Small PR and Marketing Agencies:


1. Hopelessly Devoted to You

Small firms are personally devoted to you and invested in your company. Because they have a smaller number of clientele, their success depends on yours. They are able to pay extra attention to your projects, concerns and needs, leading to better client service and greater results.

2. Flexible as a Rubber Band

Because of their size, small firms are more flexible and able to quickly respond to your ever-changing needs. Business processes can be developed or tossed without strenuous effort. Customizing marketing/PR campaigns, monthly reports, independent projects, billing processes, even media monitoring which are typically cumbersome for large agencies, are easily adapted for small firms.

3. Fit as a Fiddle

At small firms, senior professionals are often the thinkers and the doers, the strategists and the executors. They're mentally fit, well trained and knowledgeable. With every client, they personally and naturally apply their years of experience, knowledge, vision, direction and contacts to add value to each client's needs. Whereas at large PR and marketing firms, much of the workload is borne by junior staffers with less experience.

4. The World is Our Oyster

Probably unknown to many, small firms belong to national and international networks of partnerships and affiliates. They are rich in resources and global talents who have domain expertise in various regions, countries and industries. Tapping into their global resources, small firms can conduct product launches, and comfortably drive regional and international campaigns.

5. Best Bang for Your Buck

With lower overhead, small firms offer companies who may not have huge budgets the ability to afford PR and marketing services, and drive their clients to new heights of visibility. It's good news for clients all around — more results, and more bang for your buck!


Small, medium, large? When you are confronted with choices, remember, small is often better! For a complimentary consultation on your company's marketing/PR needs or how a small firm can help, click below.

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