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5 Reasons for Tapping into a PR & Marketing Agency in 2018

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With 2017 drawing to a close, you reflect on the milestones crossed and goals achieved. You also plan your marketing and PR goals for 2018. Does your company need greater brand recognition? Do your executives need more exposure to influencers and decision makers? Are your products, services, or spokespeople appearing in news sites that can bolster your sales efforts? Are you challenged by how to meet these goals without adding head count? Finding support in a PR/marketing agency might be your answer.

Here are five reasons for tapping into a PR and marketing agency in 2018:

1. Abundance of Resources

Securing media coverage, launching content marketing campaigns, winning awards and industry allies all begin with research - who to reach out to, what tools to use. Your PR and marketing agency will have already invested in the best, most comprehensive media databases, and received training in marketing automation tools thus saving you thousands of dollars in subscription fees and expanding your capabilities ten-fold.

2. Flexible and Convenient

Managing multiple priorities, juggling schedules and multitasking are daily challenges. No one can be in two places at once, but with a PR and marketing agency, you can. While you're busy attending meetings, your extended team members are busy launching blogs and email campaigns, pitching your stories, booking interviews, and securing speaking slots for your CEO. With an agency, you have a team, which means there's always someone at your disposal, regardless of vacation schedules or sick days.

3. Efficient and Effective

You know that you could exceed your executives' expectations if you had the right support, but you're not sure how to justify the cost. Engaging an agency can actually save you money. Triple your workforce, accelerate your accomplishments and attain your goals without the high costs associated with benefits, insurance, or retirement, while maintaining control over your message. You may wield more influence than you think.

4. Devoted and Driven

The adage that "it takes a village" can be applied to the corporate world. Your company's success is dependent on the success of each of your business units, from sales to business development, to product management, to marketing and PR. Fortify your ability to succeed by using a PR and marketing firm that will be devoted to your success and driven to help you achieve it.

5. Results

At the end of the day, it's all about results. Greater public visibility means greater credibility to potential clients and builds trust with existing customers, not to mention increased revenues, higher profits, and happy investors. With the help of an agency, the results could be limitless!

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