Shristi Verma

"Even castles in the sky can do with a fresh coat of paint."


As Account Executive at SKC, Shristi Verma brings a creative mind and sharp execution abilities to content creation, social media management, and influencers marketing. She provides day-to-day support for client campaigns like Computex's advertising program, Zepp Clarity's influencers outreach, and is an integral team member supporting senior staff on a multitude of PR and marketing activities. Shristi also helps drive SKC marketing activities like SKC Insights, our monthly newsletter, and the agency's social media.

Prior to SKC, Shristi worked at CRRUX – a SaaS startup. At CRRUX, she developed and strategized content to promote the product, created marketing and social media content, and planned and executed various brand activations and promotions.
Shristi is inspired by digital storytelling and how it can escape marketing mediocrity to achieve tangible results. She is a highly motivated person with a passion for entrepreneurship.
She graduated with honors from Christ University with a degree in Marketing and Business.

Shristi's Favorite Things

Meet Simba

You may know dogs and people whose personalities are mirror images of each other: Shristi being the low-key pet parent of an equally mellow 4-year-old pug, Simba. 

Bedside Reading

With a TBR list of 100+ books, Shristi keeps revisiting Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami! A poignant story of one college student’s coming-of-age, this book explores the formative years of the main character before ending with a positive message. 


Traveling feeds Shristi's soul! She’s been to 20 out of 28 states in India and fully intends to visit all of them before turning 30.

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