COVID-Killing Air Purifier Campaign Draws Prospective Distributors

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COVID-Killing Air Purifiers for Our Time

One of the largest air purification solutions providers, China-based AirQuality Technology (AQT), having made huge strides worldwide, now sets its sights on one more market – North America. With ambitions to establish a strong presence here, AQT needed to build name and product awareness and set up a distributor network quickly and efficiently. So, AQT tapped on SKC to be their US partner.

Time was of the essence. As the world raced to mitigate the coronavirus crisis, SKC worked closely with AQT to message and position the company as a knowledgeable and protective force against COVID. We used AQT’s innovative commercial air purifiers featuring the company’s proprietary MESP® technology — one of the only purifiers proven to kill 99.99% of the COVID-19 virus — as our launch vehicle.

SKC’s put together a laser-focused proactive campaign which included a PR plan; tweaking the AQT website and developing strategic press kit materials (launch release, product photos, laboratory results information, and corporate fact sheet) to help position them the right way in the United States.

To capture the attention of AQT’s audiences, our media strategy targeted HVAC distributors as well as consumers and businesses looking to ensure clean air in their homes and offices. In addition to HVAC publications, we pitched business, technology, and health magazines as well as online media sites. Our key message: businesses are re-opening and developing health/safety plans to curb employees’ exposure to COVID-19, and many are prioritizing and upgrading current HVAC systems. 

SKC's word yielded important outcomes for AQT and improved the company's visibility as an air purification leader. SKC secured a slew of strategic coverage in outlets such as Architectural Record. Architectural West, Building Operating Management, Commercial Construction & Renovation, HVAC Insider and many more.

And, most importantly, within a few days of launch AQT had already been contacted by two distributors with several other contracts pending. 

THANKS TO SKC'S STRATEGIC COUNSEL, DEDICATION AND HARD WORK, WE NOT ONLY ACHIEVED THE VISIBILITY WE NEEDED IN THE MARKET, BUT WE ALSO LANDED THE DISTRIBUTOR LEADS CRUCIAL FOR SALES SUCCESS. Untitled design-6datadata:text/mce-internal,react-tinymce-2,%3Cimg%20src%3D%22https%3A//,react-tinymce-2,%3Cimg%20src%3D%22https%3A//

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